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Luna 13’s “LILIT” will make the Bass World revisit the word Brutality!

Luna 13’s “LILIT” will make the Bass World revisit the word Brutality! Tearing apart hearts and comment sections since 2015, the career of Hollywood CA Luna 13 has been deceitfully brief. The 13 months between “Hollywood Ripper” and follow-up “Dark Side of the Sun” catapulted the Black Metal/Bass Music duo from the depths of obscurity to the position of most hyped (and most hated) electro project in recent memory. I’ve seen Luna 13 treated like the Second Coming, and I’ve seen the project described as “exploitation.” Whatever your opinion on the matter, LILIT puts the polarizing magnetism of Luna 13 on full display. To poor salt in the wound to local music projects throughout Los Angeles, Luna 13 is booking movies and gathering sponsorships throughout the globe, including the clothing line Left Hand Craft.Cleopatra Records, Luna 13 saw an uptick in their career with 2016’s ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ and we’re thrilled to report that ‘LILIT’ is a release that blows all past materiel out of the water. Luna 13 is clicking on all cylinders with this one, leaning more on dark occultism and bass brutality. Luna 13 is getting ready to show the whole electronica world what brutality in bass music really means.The MPK kicks off with one of its standout tracks, as Luna 13 hits the mark on ‘Welcome to Hell’ a song that hooked me in 30 seconds. You have to break Luna 13 down sound by sound to hear the genius use of Acid, Saw and Sub Bass which are expressed with distortion ferociousness. Dr. Luna’s Death Metal drum pattering is unlike anything I have heard in the electro genre. Lilith Bathory is dark beauty and can single highhandedly draw the Black Metal crowd in with blood drinking burlesque! Vampires bow, Luna 13 is a visual, DARK stunner!
Two other tracks really catch my attention as well, “Upside Down” weaves pure Black Acid Bass around dark vocal lines and Lilith Bathory screams “Jesus Christ” as if the blaspheme of the lyrics “I am going to turn your cross upside down” wasn’t enough already. The other song that hit me was “Blood Red Skies”, it is a metal sound that I have no comparison for, it is Bass Metal at it’s finest!
To say the least, Luna 13’s ‘LILIT’, set for release 7-7-17 via Cleopatra Records is a triumphant effort. It’s a satisfying listening experience from top to bottom, giving you a true “authentic and dark” experience rather than feeling like a collection of random songs. Being honest, I like Luna 13 and if Bass Music was looking for a true nemesis, it’s found one! Catch Luna 13 in the movie “Devil’s Domain” featuring Michael Madsen out on late May 2017.www.luna13.netwww.reverbnation.com/luna13www.facebook.com/luna13official

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