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Dopest Cinematic “Real Life” Hip Hop Video EVER!

Aaron Reynolds, more commonly known as Ayron COE, is Indiana’s rising hip hop MC. Hailing from the City of Elkhart (hence his stage name), Reynolds has already made the rounds in the hip hop scene, doing shows and winning awards. In a 2014 feature piece, Faygoluvers hailed Reynolds’ energetic stage presence, describing him as “definitely having the entertainment portion of being a rapper down.” He has appeared on the MTV-sponsored Video TV and his hit single “Cold World” won a spot on the Coast to Coast Nationwide Mixtape Distribution.

Reynolds has his roots in rock music: when he was younger, he looked up to artists such as Kid Rock and Linkin Park while spending his time skateboarding. However, artists such as Tech 9 and Eminem opened up a new world for him. Captivated by the flow of words, he began rapping freestyle at the age of fifteen at local parties and garages. He moved on to rap battles in his town, and a few years later he began opening for big names and recording music. He has had his tracks featured on several radio stations, and his recordings have come a long way since he first plugged in a Rock Band mic to record on his computer. He has performed in the majority of the US, including traveling internationally. He continues to travel through many more as his name only continues to become more well-known.

Yet Reynolds describes himself as a simple guy. After several rough years of addiction, he now lives by the motto “love shown is love got.” Not only does he try to apply this motto to his life, but the phrase and his struggles also influence his music with such songs as “Here Comes the Sun.” He says that originality is key and this originality is a fusion of his style and the artists he admires. As his own agent, manager, and songwriter Reynolds is growing up with his music and looks forward to where his love of hip hop will take him.

Artist Info – Facebook.com/ayroncoeent

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