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Tips on Buying Handpan and Steel Tongue Drum

Are you planning to purchase your own handpan or steel tongue drum? Well, you should be reading this context as your buying master guide to best and quality drum for you!

The Handpan

Playing Performance and Sound Quality

Generally, handpans are exquisitely unique and creative as to the tonal variations that these percussions protrude. Whenever you tap your fingertips to the tuning scales (typically more or less 8 notes), it can emit a low to high pitch volumes with a resonating sound. It actually resembles the 8 commonly known notes from –do- flat to –do- sharp.

It produces ethereal, medium intensity, and distinctive timbre which is perfect for relaxing and traditional musical genres. The consistency of the rhythm might be depending on the tap of your fingers. In addition, you can create any beats that you’ll find interesting to hear. Actually, you can experiment many versions of beats, harmony, and fascinating tempo with space drum. Some people were playing handpans in an ensemble with similar instruments or mixed with different traditional instruments so that they can able to make the music more enthusiastic, pleasant, and amazing.

Appearance and Rust Resistance

Most of the handpans were made from steel in which they might be prone to corrosion at any given moment of time. In order to secure your percussion instrument in its safest condition, you should store it in a dry and cool temperature area. You may also try rubbing it with Ballistol or Froglube to sustain beautiful appearance and maintain the quality of its tones.


If you’ll approximately estimating the cost of buying a handpan, it is really expensive due to its distinguishing quality and cultural musical style. However, you may find an online shopping network or visit the social media to look for a desirable and genuine handpan at an affordable cost. You may also directly proceed to the dealer’s store so that you can get a reasonable discounted price. As long as you love the trend of music and handpan percussions, you will never regret of buying one (either a new one or second hand).

The Steel Tongue Drum

Playing Performance and Sound Quality

You’ll find the beauty of this drum once you have experience in playing it. As you noticed, it’s pretty obvious that these instruments tend to have a stylish look compared to their percussion family, the handpan drums. However, when buying this particular drum, you should be familiar with its sound. Some might think it’s a cheaper version of the handpan drum and resembles the same features. Actually, it has the same playing functions and structural appearance but it differs as to the sound that it produces.

A steel tongue drum contains a resonating and sound spectrum which entails unique beats with a spring sound effect when tapped using the fingertips. It can actually create sound frequencies when played and creates a more traditional vibrating sound. Like the handpan, it was also guided by notes (more or less 8 notes) in which you can able to depict the low and high pitches.

Appearance and Rust Resistance

Typically, the steel tongue drums were built using a tank drum in which these instruments might be vulnerable to rust. However, the manufacturers have innovated a solution to make these instruments rust-free through color varnish and designs. In this way, you’ll be able to secure your musical instrument without being anxious to its surface. However, as a preventive measure, you should still keep in away from wet, moist, and heat areas to sustain its sound quality and appearance.


As mentioned a while ago, a steel tongue instrument has a cheaper price. But of course, you can still seek discounts if you’ll be buying directly to the dealer, social media sellers, or online shopping network. You can also view a reliable site or store that can offer sale promotions to acquire this musical instrument at a good price.


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