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Single Review. “You Belong to Me” – CAT


CAT, also known as Catherine Pierce of the sister duo The Pierces, is making her debut as a solo artist with “You Belong to Me,” and anyone who is a Pierces fan will gladly eat this new piece of music up.

CAT doesn’t stray too far away from what a song made with her sister would sound like, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like a long walk home on an October night under a full moon, CAT continues to unleash her spell onto listeners casting witchy vibes on this dark but swooning track. The lyrics and rhyme scheme to this song are particularly clever “musical master/play harder and faster,” CAT croons as if she is possessed and acknowledges that with the moon following her home she is never alone. Tapping into the dark side of love, CAT sings “I want to possess you,” and manages to tow the line between intoxicating, otherworldly love and the feeling of deeply and plainly being in love so well that the song can be looked at in two completely different ways. The chorus swells amongst CAT’s dreamy vocals “I could get lost in the feelings we’re feeling,” she tells the object of her affection. It is haunting, slow burning, and dripping with a hypnotic honey. If this is any indication of what CAT’S solo album has in store, this reviewer will be the first person to purchase a copy.

Check out the music video:


Compositions - 10
Brekaing Ground - 10
Engagement - 10
Lyrical Voice - 10
Production - 10


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