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Introducing Tsunami VIII

“Cocain 88 on the 8th of July I held on by a string, what if mama got her tubes tied” -Tsunami Born and raised in the heart of Miami dade, FL. “Tsunami” has been flooding the streets. Ever since his first encounter with hip-hop it’s been, “Love at first ear” as he puts it. Since his first rhyme composition book at the age of 14 he hasn’t been able to stop writing. He is of Haitian decent. Both parents migrated from Port au prince, Haiti to Little Haiti, FL and divorced before he turned 3 months old. His father went on to New York and started his ministries as a reverend. His mother a teacher and poet continued her life’s passion. After graduating from north miami senior high he moved to New York prior to meeting his father at the age of 17. After four years of residing in Long Island and queens he moved back to his birth place. There he repossessed his long lost passion of writing and art. A few years later he was reacquainted with his former love, music. From then on it’s been magic. He is Currently finishing up his long awaited project titled “The Jungle”. Which is his own raw depiction of Miami Dade County Florida where he was raised. Tsunami continues to stand by his motto that music is life and life is music so, “let’s live”.

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