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Professional Lyric Video Production starting at $199

Ever wanted to get more exposure for your music? Sure you did. But gaining attention on the web isn’t easy nowadays. You need to provide quality content regulary. Lyric Videos are just perfect for this job. They entertain your listeners, you convey your message and the videos just look and feel cool!

You might have seen some exceptionally well done lyric videos by artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry & co.
Ever wondered what they pay for similar lyric videos? Well, here’s the answer: Between $199- $600! Not that much right?

Now, if you think you might be interested in gaining 30-40% more exposure for your music (which I’m sure you are) you should check out what the guys @ “Buz Videos” have to offer you. They offer free marketing services along with amazing creative work.

Check them out right here: www.buz-videos.com
Check out the benefits of lyric videos: www.buz-videos.com/benefits
See their pricing: www.buz-videos.com/pricing
Find their coolest projects: www.buz-videos.com/showroom

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