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Album Review: POYNTE – Discreet Enemy

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Fans of Breaking Benjamin’s gut-punching sound are going to want to check out the latest from Atlanta rockers, POYNTE. The 12-track Discreet Enemy is a powerhouse full of heavy tunes and emotional lyrics from a group of incredibly dedicated musicians.

POYNTE is a five-piece band made up of Kenny Hathorne (vocals), Matt Bryant (guitar), Jake O’Donnell (guitar and vocals), Ben Greener (bass), and Josh Fulcher (drums). These sincere musicians take great pride in lyrical content and musical composition, planning each note carefully to support the emotion of the song. The band has seen their fair share of deserved accomplishments, such as winning the 2012 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands (which earned them a slot on the Rockstar Uproar Festival in Atlanta). POYNTE has also shared the stage with some of rock’s biggest names like 10 Years, Shinedown, Papa Roach, and Drowning Pool.

Discreet Enemy starts off with the soft orchestral notes of the intro and title track over a strange spoken code of single words and numbers. I feel as though there is some sort of profound message here, but I’m no espionage agent. The intro hardly braces you for the explosive “Take Control.” This strong number about standing up and taking control of your life is guaranteed to get your head nodding. “Picture Frames” takes things down a few notches in this melancholy song about needing to move on from a place where everything is just wrong and full of lies. The album’s single, “Hold On,” dives right back in to the heavy sound as Hathorne sings an anthem to hold on to your dreams. Staying close to that same theme, “Aberration” features quick changes from soft and melodic to driving and heavy. “Erase Me” is one of my personal favorites from the track listing. With a musical styling that reminds me of Trapt, the vocalist sings his heart out about betrayals in love.

“Nursery Crimes” is a somewhat misleading title on the next track. I had been prepared to hear another song about how mom or dad walked out, but what I got was so much more chilling. This truly haunting number is about a young girl who was murdered and carelessly discarded by her family. Each listen brings new chills up my spine, an effect that is only amplified as the guitar solo screams out just as I imagine the girl did. From here, Discreet Enemy rolls seamlessly into the hard-hitting tracks “Coping” and “What Will It Take” before slowing down one last time for “The Villain.” This quiet and slow melody features female vocals that back Hathorne’s in a message to let go and enjoy the current moment. Turning it back up to 11, “Last Embrace” shuffles things around and takes on a more metal-core tone. Wrapping up the 12-track album in a truly enjoyable way is a cover of Jason Derulo’s “In My Head.” I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely love rock covers of pop songs, especially when they’re as well done as this one.

POYNTE has released an incredibly strong album that is sure to boost their career. From start to finish, I found each song to be just as infectious as the last, and I never stopped nodding my head. I definitely recommend picking up your own copy of Discreet Enemy over at POYNTE’s Bandcamp page, on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify!

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