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EP Review: DreamVacation


Los Angeles based indie rockers DreamVacation have opened up for bands such as Foster The People and Airborne Toxic Event and have had their music played on television programs including Shameless and SYFY’s Being Human. With an already impressive resume, fans can now listen to the bands’ music on repeat thanks to the release of their self titled debut EP.

The opening track “Window Room” is everything one would want an indie alternative track to be. Here, lead singer Ray Silva, who is a vocal chameleon, has a bit of Chris Martin from Coldplay in him, though the band on the whole most closely resembles Young The Giant. This particular tune is atmospheric and moody, and even though it is slightly over four minutes and has a slow tempo, it never drags. Silva’s vocals perfectly capture ache and tortured pain, full of emotional nuances. The lyrics are pure poetry and one can tell it comes from a deep place. “Hold me from the floor /When my body falls apart/Sing more when in love /Come war, or hell what may,” Silva sings with hurt, and when one combines all the elements of the song together it is nothing short of spectacular.

“Press Play,” in its instrumentation alone takes on a darker tone. It still is ambient but feels much more edgy. It starts with a bit over a minute musical intro that is both gripping and spellbinding and lets listeners enjoy this new ride they are embarking on. Silva’s performance here is reminiscent of something Interpol could have released and even though it is easy to find similarities between the two bands on this particular song, DreamVacation never lets their audience forget that what they are creating, while not groundbreaking, is something new and worthy to listen to.

Rounding out the EP is “End of Time” which clocks in at five minutes. It starts with a slow burning opening instrumental before becoming more upbeat. Yet even with a more uptempo song DreamVacation still maintain their hazy sound in perfect manner. Pleasant to the ears, “End of Time” is the most perky track on the entire album, yet as with the previous songs, it is clear that there is more than just a surface of sound. The tune can best be summed up by the following lyrics “I’ll care for you, I’ll still care for you, careful/Except this time/Won’t expect more time.” It’s haunting and mesmerizing and coupled with “Window Room” it serves as an exquisite bookend to a melancholy and stellar album

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