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Leo Harmonay

Artist: Leo Harmonay
CD: Somewhere Over the Hudson

URL: http://www.lharmonic.com/music/

Americana artists often offer listeners something that is very genuine and can be awe-inspiring. New York based singer – songwriter Leo Harmonay fits well into this category with his latest release entitled “Over the Hudson”.

In my own words: For me the journey of life keeps on and the passion remains. I truly feel, the best is yet to come for Harmonay. His rather simplistic, under bearing musical personality, infectious style, insurmountable soul and talent and zest for life make this second CD an absolute pleasure to listen to on lazy days with nothing on the agenda. Track 1 “Colors” and Track 2: my favorite piece “Dark Sunday Grey” and “Currents” starts things off with an amazing blend Classic Folk, 70’ Pop and invigorating Americana that’s ideal. This is especially true now that the summer is winding down and as the leaves are beginning to fall. Some songs have a sad but true overtone with a real ring of truth to them. Next up, “the title track is a mostly blues-inspired song with true conviction about how our perceptions might change, as the lyrics teeter on brilliant. Slowing down the pace, “With You” and “I Want Yuo Be My Love” are two loving ballads that highlight Harmonay’s tranquil and even a little romantic side, but stays strong with his powerful vocals and impeccable guitar playing. I especially like how many song on this 10 track collection build. Lastly, “This Train” and “The Dancer” wave you in for a safe landing thus ending this incredible CD on hopeful notes. I especially liked the harmonizing melodies, memorable lyrics, and that glorious singer / songwriter persona that we can’t get enough of. Musical comparables for me include Tim McGraw, Harry Chapin, slower older Kenny Loggins and Billy Currington.

Criticism: I Like the Harmonica but more Instrumentation is needed to fill the sparse musical environment. The Percussion sound like it’s not in synch with the rest of the rhythm section.

Somewhere Over the Hudson by Leo Harmonay is also mixed with some lighter rock and pop. After listening to this record it’s very clear that his talents are far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and, simply put, this guy is a pure genius with his musical craft.

Final Rating 4.5/5

Courtney James

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