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@thekingdream XO Drama and R&B Music @thisisjavon

If you haven’t heard the news, Beyonce has been sued for her song XO. Sorry to skip the juicy details but one other major concern in the case would be a missing defendant. “Terius Nash” better known as The Dream. ( Javon )@thisisjavon explains

“Well I grew up listening to The Dream, ever since his first album. I had never heard a male singer-songwriter make melodies so strong and melodic. He became like an inspiration to me, so of course you know I’d never miss a beat, every lyric, every melody. So when I heard XO, something immediately caught my intention. Then I just had to take a little time to decide how to handle it from there.”

The Dream was unable to be serve due to no public business address. Still no comment from “The Dream” and as far as the case, Still Pending!

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