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Deryo: The Bay Area’s Hottest R&B Artist with a FOP R&B Style.

Hitting it hard in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area, Deryo is among the Bay Area’s hottest Pop/R&B Artists. His talents are: writer/composer, producer, vocalist, keyboardist and drummer.

What’s special about Deryo’s new CD: Brand New Day (available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby), are the soulful storytelling and heart-wrenching lyrics, accompanied by foot stomping drums and bass, tasty keyboards, and sweet vocals.

In his lyrics, people can find the deep depths of how it feels, to have loved, lost and still find a Brand New Day. You can hear the pulse of a new generation of music within his work. In this new genre, Deryo merges today’s Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Funk to create FOP/R&B. Having worked with some of the industry’s chart-topping artists, Deryo is referred to, as a genius in his own right. His previous albums, Unveiled and Deryo’s Confessions, are played in the international arena, earning him fans worldwide. Brand New Day is available now at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby & Deryo.comFind Deryo on:http://www.facebook.com/deryo.shohttp://www.reverbnation.com/deryo4http://www.twitter.com/deryoconfesseshttp://www.deryo.com



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