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Femme Fatale Friday: La Bella Superestrella, Magali Delarosa

It felt as if it took forever for me to find a Latina R&B singer that would blow me away! But the search was not with the agenda of a magazine editor or co-author searching for a great cover story to impress thousands of readers, but as a fan. Seek and ye shall find as the old adage goes; I did just that. While on the hunt for this week’s Femme Fatale feature, I stumbled across a Mexican-American vocalist that took my breath away.

Meet Magali Delarosa. A Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Designer and Model that is lighting up Los Angeles, California.

Singer-Songwriter/Actress and Designer, Magali Delarosa featured in her one of a kind designs "Magz by Ragz"
Singer-Songwriter/Actress and Designer, Magali Delarosa featured in her one of a kind designs “Magz by Ragz”


Delarosa So Cool
Magali Delarosa “Delarosa So Cool”

Magali Delarosa is both beauty and talent rolled in to one. The Mexican-American Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Fashion Designer was born in South Texas and after her High School graduation, passionately pursued her dream by moving to Los Angeles, California. Magali’s musical upbringing is so closely aligned with her musical influence, the late and great Selena Quintanilla. Both women were inspired at a young age by their music loving fathers. Magali’s father, Carlos Delarosa, was a Tejano-Rock Musician and Producer. Both of Magali’s parents played a tremendous role in her career and their investment in Magali’s talent paid off early. At the age of 8, Magali was sought out by the popular media conglomerate, Univision to sing a Selena Tribute on air and from there her career took off.

Magali has performed for popular music venues like The House of Blues, The Key Club, El Cine Rey and The Congo Room to name a few. Her extraordinary talent caught the ear of American Idol judge and Record Producer, Randy Jackson. It was around this time that Magali Delarosa was offered a spot in the Latina Female group, Brunette. During her career development with Brunette, Magali continued to write songs and discovered a passion for songwriting. One of her most popular singles, “Can’t Fight The Feeling”  a dance track, highlights her versatility and strengths as  a singer-songwriter. She has also taken part in several independent films as an Actress, as well as launched a successful clothing line, Ragz by Magz and is in the process of releasing a children’s clothing line, Baby Bonita.

Delarosa in Red
Magali Delarosa “Rosa in Red”

International public figures also sought out the Mexican-American supernova. Armenian star, Karen Hakobyan requested Magali to feature on his hit single “Sirel Em” and feature as his love interest in the official music video. “Sirel Em” has reached over two million views since its release in 2012. The two international stars were asked to perform live at the Nokia Theater for a crowd of 7,000 anticipating fans. Magali continued on as an independent artist after parting with Brunette, and shortly after released her single “Revival”. “Revival”, which is available in both English and Spanish, is a soulful acoustic guitar driven pop-ballad that has stirred major attention with record labels. The music video, showcasing both her attractive features and her impressive clothing designs, has triggered the interest of several modeling agencies.

Magali Delarosa is proud to announce her up and coming EP due for release in the Summer of 2015 which will be followed by a full length Spanish album; both albums names are disclosed at this time. Keep an eye on this remarkable talent as her career rises and opportunities swarm her way. She is definitely headed to the top!

Listen to Magali Delarosa’s single, “Revival” via iTunes!




Watch Magali Delarosa’s new music single,“Revival” below!

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