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My Block Recordz Signs=== WhereDough?==Signs wit myblockplaya

At 9:48pm on Mar. 23rd central time, WhereDough? from New Jersey made it official, he is now the newest Bossplaya (Artist) on My Block Recordz. They done work before a few years ago with the track “My Eye Color” off Daraja’s Smoker’s Delight project back in 2013. So WhereDough? is no stranger to Daraja’s My Block Recordz Bossplayaz imprint. “WhereDough? is something special! He has the charisma and swag to take this new hiphop generation to a different lane through comedy & laughter, which is what we all need nowadays in this crazy world. So i’m probably more excited than his fans. 2015 is gonna be very potent year, and with sum of the shit we’re dropping from the My Block Bossplayaz camp all of our fans will be totally satisfied, stated Daraja Hakizimana.


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