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Kathy Muir

Multi-Talented Composer / Vocalist Kathy Muir just gave birth to a fantastic musical journey which takes you through an exhilarating 12 Track musical experience known as “Book Cover Judge.” In my own words the music of Kathy Muir is mostly avant-garde earthy Pop, but is also equal parts fascinating, engaging, challenging, and altogether passionate.

Kathy Muir http://www.kathymuir.com/

As a singer-songwriter Kathy knows what she likes and what suits her voice. Whilst comfortable playing acoustic pop, her blues influences weave through her songs and her vocal and lyrical style remains singular and instantly identifiable: an expressive range that is soft and intimate, yet sassy and upbeat with a natural, unforced delivery that captures the imagination. Music that is invigorating to the mind, body and soul. If anything, it captures the sheer impassioned Pop vibe that runs through these tracks like it runs through the veins of these pieces. All of this creates a musical environment so compelling and oh so listenable, compatible with virtually any listener. In many ways there are parts of the tracks that feel inspired by rock-pop-jazz crossover in general, but make no mistakes this a World Class CD. “Book Cover Judge” goes down smooth! I say smooth because most notably in the way that the same pieces use more melodic straight forward movements –more compatible to a mass audience no doubt. Some of this might be categorized as Pop-Jazz. The result is “Book Cover Judge” an exceptional 12 song LP where abandonment, self-awareness and consciousness coalesce. The first single off the album, provocatively titled “Head Down” is lyrically fascinating and vocally seductive and mysterious. I might add much of it is not dumbed down Pop – quite the opposite. The Muir camp/production team is not stupid – they are presenting this style of music in the most marketable light, and sung to us by a most marketable artist. Here we see the best of both worlds – Classic refined Pop merged with and crossover Singer-Songwriter and some Jazz for marketability and radio exposure. As a result “Book Cover Judge” covers a lot of ground. This release finds itself drawing to its close with 3 stronh closers “Seattle Mornin’”, “Ride These Times”, and “Softly.” The album feels as though it might not leave your soul after the music has stopped. Much like a brilliant sunset, but eventually it does indeed begin to fade out, leaving an indescribable feeling of joy, positive residue of the music has been left behind. I see “Book Cover Judge” an album full of hope during a dark and unpredictable journey. The sound shines with cautious optimism about the future.

Muir is an impressive vocalist and maybe overqualified for Pop. At times the songs embody the human spirit like on “I Will Be There’ and “Always Forever” with gifted sensibilities. Thick bass, exuberant Keyboard/synths and electronic drums are prominently displayed throughout the album helping to emphasize the Pop nature of the work. The many different styles and textures on the album are utilized in the best possible fashion.

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