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Album Review: Drake–If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Drake fans were delighted with the surprise drop of a 17 song mixtape late Thursday night, which resulted in Twitter feeds drowning in the tears of everyone and their mothers. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Aubrey filled our hearts with love, excitement, disappointment, and every other emotion you can think of.

After a day filled with Kanye–his New York Fashion Week Adidas debut, the release of his highly anticipated Yeezy Boosts, his free concert in Madison Square Park in New York City–Drake knew he had to steal the spotlight away from him and remind everybody why we all love him.

My question is: how long will Drake get by doing the same thing? Don’t get me wrong, I am an embarrassingly huge fan–as is 85% of America (and 100% of Canada)–and there’s a distinct reason for that, he always delivers exactly what we expect him to. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…right? Drake is consistent; he has a great flow, relatable lyrics, and we can always count on him to fill our monthly club banger quota–but is that good enough?

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late provides us with a million new hip hop quotables in proper Drake fashion. Features include PARTYNEXTDOOR, Lil Wayne, and Travi$ Scott, and there are several notable songs throughout. In one of the mixtape’s highlight’s, “You & The 6,” Drake talks directly to his mother and thanks her and his hometown Toronto for raising him right. “Madonna” is probably the most different for the rapper as he mumbles almost indecipherable lyrics through the songs entirety, switching up from his regular flow and providing a nice change of pace.

17 new, solid Drake tracks is not a bad surprise to come home to. This is no “Take Care”–in my heart nothing will ever compare–but it’s a good place holder until the supposedly soon release of his next album Views From The 6. Hopefully Drake pushes the envelope more on his forthcoming album and does something unexpected rather than just continuing on with his same formula for success.

This is a project that had a big impact the second it dropped, but will burn out in no more than two weeks. Big Sean’s album is about to come out and if that does not take away all of Drizzy’s glory, I’ll pay every person who reads this $10. Probably not. Anyway, Drake if you’re reading this, (let me live) take a risk and switch up your style, just because everyone loves what you are doing now doesn’t mean we won’t get tired of it. Soon.

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