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Album Review: Phony Ppl — Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Since their debut LP three years ago, we haven’t heard much from Phony Ppl, but today we were lucky enough to get a brand new album: Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Phony Ppl, you need to make up for lost time. These guys are refreshing, and make even the blackest hearts melt listening the celestial vibes encoded in every second of their 15 tracks.

This album is full of sounds that can only be described as addictive–the tunes within each song flow together extremely well and make for the perfectly cohesive project. In each and every track on Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Phony Ppl provides us with a balance of beautiful, soulful singing and harder raps that both juxtapose and compliment one another.

Most of these songs make you feel like you’re listening to some unreleased N*E*R*D tracks that someone hijacked from Pharrell’s computer–which is a great thing. Though there are some obvious comparisons to be made to Williams, Haley, and Hugo’s band, Phony Ppl really shows with this album that they are all their own–especially when looking at a majority of the music industry today.

This funk/soul/jazz/R&B band from Brooklyn is a real gem you can’t find anywhere else. Yesterday’s Tomorrow is complete, uninterrupted enjoyment from beginning to end that leaves nothing to be desired.

Phony Ppl is really something else; their song “HelGa.” manages to highlight the famous antagonist, Helga Pataki, from the classic Nikelodeon show Hey Arnold! and turn it into a funky love song about women’s roles and coming together. And that is exactly what this crew can do–they turn something mostly thought of as immature and seemingly unimportant into a beautiful, touching ballad.

There are so many stand-out songs beyond that too; “Why iii Love The Moon.”, “Baby Meet My Lover.”, and “End of the niGht.” are a few favorites. These, paired with some cool instrumental tracks throughout the album, make Yesterday’s Tomorrow something you want to listen to both when you’re trying to relax or do homework and when you want to vibe out and get soulful with your friends.

This album is the perfect fit for any range of music fans, and makes you wish you were friends with everyone in the band as you get deeper into each track…why can’t everyone be like Phony Ppl?

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