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Genevive Releases Single “Colors”

Genevieve is a born singer whose earliest memories include harmonizing with
every single song on the radio. Like her contemporaries, Adele and Thom
Yorke, Genevieve has that rare capacity to channel the physical aspects of her
singular voice — the warm clarity of her notes, the wide spectrum of her vocal
range, the inventive tonal subtleties — into pure expressive meaning. And like
Bjork or Jenny Lewis, her voice is so much bigger than her slight frame that, as it
pours out of her, she both shapes it and is transformed by it into an almost
otherworldly character onstage.

Rich in texture and multi-layered harmonies, Genevieve’s debut EP Show Your
Colors is a triumphant collection of songs that focuses on the power of believing in
yourself and in the power of each of us to change for the better. “I wanted a lot of
imagery in the music, a blend of organic and synthetic elements with colorful tones
and textures,” she says.

It’s a big step forward from where she started, touring the country as the singer in
Chicago rock band, Company of Thieves. After two successful albums and multiple
tours with the likes of OK Go and The Hold Steady, Company of Thieves ended in
2013; at which point, Genevieve wasted no time getting to work on new material.

Building from “cross-country car rides, quiet libraries, airports, the ends of phone
calls, the beginnings of movies,” she began an intensive process of writing and
recording that brought her into the studios of some of the biggest producers on the
planet: Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson), Ted Bruner (Katy Perry,
Miley Cyrus, Kesha), Boots Ottestad (Robbie Williams, Tim McGraw), Jason
Gilbert (Eminem, Christina Aguilera), and Mike Green (Paramore, Semi
Precious Weapons). After more than a year flying back and forth from a Chicago
day job at a French restaurant to the studios of LA, she finally picked up and moved
into a house in Hollywood full of sun, plants, and (of course) a ghost.

As Genevieve’s songwriting and voice have expanded into a new kind of confidence,
so has her sense that she is indeed changing into her next self, and that it’s time,
she says, “to step out and be seen and be heard.” On Show Your Colors, you can hear
the character of Genevieve emerging right before your ears, as a singer, as a
woman, as a beacon of empowerment, and as an independent artist with a singular
voice poised to change the musical landscape. These are Genevieve’s colors in all
their blazing glory — and an invitation to join her.

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