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New Coasts EP – “A Rush Of Blood”

Today, Bristol indie pop group Coasts dropped their fourth and final single, “Lions”, completing their second EP titled A Rush Of Blood. All four songs feature Coasts’ iconic sound of pounding percussion, pulsing synth sounds, combining to make a beautifully layered piece. The electronic pop beats are similar to that of Two Door Cinema Club (especially notable in “Let Go”) and the smooth vocals remind me vaguely of SPEAKCoasts does a great job at making each track on the EP distinguishable without drastically altering their sound.

My one concern is the possibility of Coasts getting carried away and adding too many sounds making their music unbalanced or overcrowded. Although they’re in jeopardy of this, they have yet to fall into that category. The second single released, “Wash Away” is an especially well crafted song (definitely my favorite) that really shows what the band is capable of; A contagious sound that leaves one wanting more.

All four songs/the entire EP is posted below, see which is your favorite.




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