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Major League-There’s Nothing Wrong With Me album review

Fans of the popular pop-punk band Major League: I have good news! They have a new album coming out on November 4 called There’s Nothing Wrong With Me. Recently, the band parted ways with their lead singer, and guitarist Brian Joyce has taken over lead vocals; the result is an album that is a little edgier and more punk than their older stuff. Joyce’s voice gives an undeniable new element to the band’s sound, and it is incredible. Clear vocals and jammable melodies are two elements that have always remained consistent with this band, and this album is no exception. The lyrics on this album are very deep as well; they will hit you hard in some parts. “We’re all the same, in six foot graves,” is an example of the poetic nature of the album.  Though this album does have a couple slow songs and even an acoustic track (which is beautiful), the rest of the songs sound, though great, are pretty similar. This album would benefit from some more variety. One track, “Kaleidoscopes” was already released and it is a great representation of the whole album. The songs are pretty catchy, but they all have the same type of sound. Heavy guitar, deep lyrics, clean vocals with a few edgy screams thrown in, and a catchy hook/chorus. What this album could use is a fun upbeat song, something a little happier and lighter to break up the intense feelings that come from the rest of the songs. Though I understand the direction this band is going in and completely support their growth, I would like to see some more of the traits from the old Major League.

That being said I do truly enjoy a few songs on their new album. My favorites are Devils Advocate and Montreal (the abosolutely beautiful acoustic track I mentioned earlier). Honestly, Montreal made me cry the first time I heard it because it touches the touchy subject of mental illness “A poster child for the chemically unbalanced. I tried to explain but my words were all silenced.”  I give the New Jersey band major props for taking a chance with this album. Pop punk fans, if you haven’t heard this band yet go do it now; I know I love them!

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