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Jay Deuce upcoming album “Justice”

Artist Jay Deuce R&B singer-songwriter from Richmond Virginia living in Austin, TX www.iamjaydeuce.com. Jay Deucue releases single, debut album Justice drops on May 26th. . It’s a very traditional R&B album with stories of love lust and heartbreak it’ll make you want to dance and cry at times.

Buy now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/runway-single/id847653922?uo=4

Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, trying on different styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. Jay Deuce fits firmly in his category. His new single, Runway, is a smooth and sultry debut that ushers in the arrival of a significant new talent, ready to strike out on his own territory.He hails from the small town of Ettrick, Virginia, raised and heavily influenced by his mother Michelle Campbell. He explains “My mom’s favorite song was Purple Rain, I remember hearing it for the first time and being mesmerized by it.” As a child he’d written his first song at age 8. “I started writing songs in my head, and it took my music to another level.” He’s also self-taught on the acoustic guitar. Now recording daily, Jay boasts an impressive skill as a songwriter, crediting his influences, like Prince, Boys 2 Men, Johnny Gill and New Edition, and using them to shape his own style. “I grew up with a lot of 80’s R&B,” Jay explains,” My mom used to play them all. I just gravitated to it and loved how it felt.” He goes on to also say “I remember hearing Johnny Gill on ‘Can You Stand the Rain’, made me feel like Wow! I want to do that. He killed it!, so my goal is to create timeless music.”

While in Seoul, South Korea, Jay garnered attention thru his MySpace page for his hits “Ain’t Fuckin Wit Me” the self-titled “Jay Deuce” and “Say Yes”. As his name grew on the site, the pieces began to fall into place for Jay. In 15 months of his songs being featured he got 85,000 plays, which at that time was very impressive for an aspiring artist. “Fans can expect genuine, heartfelt and fun music; I’m going back to the basics because music should make you want to either dance, laugh have sex or cry. I want people to feel the music again and not just hear it” “Pure R&B is what I’m after not to make you want to turn the radio off.” The seductive tenor has the prowess and ambition that legends are made of, every pore oozes music and he won’t stop until everybody knows who Jay Deuce is. When asked what was his take on life, love and music, he replied: “The producers provide the canvas and my words and vocals are the paint to the picture.” As for life my take is to follow your dreams, work hard and stay humble, believe in god and everything will fall into place,” Your dreams are a place for refuge in this crazy world. Follow Jay Deuce:Official Website: www.iamjaydeuce.comSoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/jay-deuceTwitter and Instagram: @Iam_jaydeuceFacebook: /jaydeuce23His debut single “Runway” is currently available on iTunes and Amazon music

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