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Goliath PAW – Buried Alive

“Buried Alive” is a hiphop rock/pop fusion that captures your attention as soon as the first chorus comes into play. The premise of the song is about falling in love with the person you never expected to fall for. In Goliath PAWs case, falling in love with a girl he was never serious about. Goliath PAW feels that this song relates to everyone because at one time or another we’ve all sat back and thought…wait a minute, Im actually falling for “him/her!”

“I wrote this song after finding myself in said situation. A girl who I never took seriously as
a potential mate somehow snuck her way into my heart. I think it happens to the best of us,
especially those of us who like to “play the game.” Being “Buried Alive” is my way of saying
that the love I have for her is real but Im not ready to admit it to myself so its like Im being
buried alive by my own thoughts and feelings.” says Goliath PAW

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