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Saints of Bliss – DON’T HIDE YOUR LOVE

Saints of Bliss have been performing regularly over for the last few years and their exposure has been international; appearing at numerous schools, festivals and private events in South Africa, Namibia, Scotland and Ireland.

The Saints have produced & released 2 albums, of which 5 singles reached #1 on several radio stations around South Africa! Saints of Bliss have also had many interviews on various radio stations & TV programs around the world, including the music video “Show me the way” which was screened over 70 times on SABC.

Their first album “Show Me The Way” was extremely popular in local and international music scenes. “In A Sea of Sound”, their second album, had a deeper glimpse into the Saint’s dynamic and inspirational style of indie pop/rock music.

But that’s just a sneak peek into a life’s dedication, hosted by the Quinton brothers.

A new chapter has begun in their musical careers, and after ending their 5 year record deal with Sting Music, David Quinton (Dr Groove) and Jonathan Quinton (Jono) headed for the UK to take their talent to the next level. They were soon joined by an accomplished musician, David Shaw (Shawzyee), from Scotland, who has now became the official 3rd member of the band.

While working with an incredible uni student production team and a low budget, Saints of Bliss dedicated the last 6 months of their life’s into the production of their new single “DON’T HIDE YOUR LOVE” and it’s official music video. The new single will be released on 30/01/13 and available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Google Play etc.

The guys’ passion for music and life is evident both on their music as well as on stage. Dr Groove, Jono & Shawzyee strive on showing people the way, through their actions and lifestyle, to a whole and satisfied way of life. Saints of Bliss represent a new generation of music artists; they represent a generation who choose to be different, those who stand out above the crowd & make their voices heard!

Saints of Bliss have made their mark in the music industry and are preparing for a Europe / North American tour this year, so be sure to catch the Saints performing live at a place near you.

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