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Riverman by Jaymonis

Hailing from Chicago, Jaymonis is a charismatic, driven and ambitious hip-hop artist. His sound takes on rap with an eclectic attitude, showcasing influences from elements as diverse as jazz, blues, electronica and pop. Jaymonis has a long-standing affair with music, as he started rapping and writing rhymes at the tender age of 8. Things went a long way since those early experiences: Jaymonis fine-tuned his raw talent and set out to create balanced and powerful productions, not unlike influential artists the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake. (Read the rest here -> http://www.jaymonis.com/about.php)

Riverman is a three part concerto, outlined by real live interviews of serial murderer Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was notorious for kidnapping prostitutes, then brutally killing and raping them. He would then pile the dead bodies along the river, thus earning him the name Riverman.

Riverman was produced using the Roland SP-808 (1998).

Riverman was written, and produced by Jaymonis.

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