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Single Review: Migrant Motel “Party”

ome bands are marked for lasting greatness – You know it when you first hear them. Alt.Pop duo Migrant Motel are among such units. They gear their songs towards a youthful audience, but the truth is that they are producing music that harbors mass appeal. Their new single “Party” reflects this. They haven’t stopped however with just releasing a song; the band’s accompanying video for the track provides outstanding companion visuals and reinforces the song’s strengths. The single marks yet another level in the band’s ongoing ascent from indie act to a band capable of prospering in the mainstream arena. You’ll be a fan after hearing them for the first time.

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I know I am. The uncluttered and forceful arrangement never oversteps or threatens to overwhelm listeners. It’s stylized without ever sacrificing the emotion at the song’s heart and entertained me despite the latent sadness lurking at its core. This is not a hollow by the numbers “party” track. It takes your expectations for such fare and turns them on their head by stressing how the singer, David Stewart Jr., doesn’t want to even go to the party because he’s sure that he’ll see “her” there. It’s a near universal experience that will help connect listeners to the song’s message.

It thrives thanks to outstanding production as well. Despite its effortless panache and sound, Migrant Motel undoubtedly labored to achieve tasteful separation between the instruments and integrating the vocals into the song’s architecture. The polish is unmistakable. The track is further well-served by an beat provided by drummer Chava Ilizaliturri that adds to the  dynamic responsiveness. I believe Stewart throughout each verse and he brings all of it home with an emotional chorus that practically screams out heartache.



The lyrics are straightforward, conversational. Migrant Motel avoids any ill-advised attempts to poeticize the song’s emotion preferring, instead, to address listeners in a direct and unfettered way. It is a shrewd decision. They likewise avoid layering Stewart’s vocals with any needless dross that might otherwise distract listeners from the song’s message. It’s clean, pure, and left a mark on me.

I’m a fan of the song’s video as well. The unpretentious depiction of the stay-home-and-chill party in question has several thoughtful touches such as the 2 members playing a video game or checking their phones to jamming on their instruments. The colors are rich and lustrous. The camera work is another high point of the video for me as it eschews static shots in favor of a restlessness that never settles for long in a single place. They’ve hit upon an ideal promotional video for the song and it should only enhance the cut’s budding popularity.

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Bands such as Migrant Motel do not come around that often. The ability to straddle the line between youthful appeal and mature art isn’t common but comes to Migrant Motel as easy as breathing. It left me wanting more. It will do the same for you, most likely, and we can take comfort in the fact that this is a band destined to be among us for many years to come. “Party” solidifies their position as one of the most promising Alt.Pop acts today.


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