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Album Review: Glassjaw – Material Control

If there was an award for biggest contribution to a music genre inversely proportional to the number of full-length albums released, then Glassjaw would surely be a good contender. Fifteen years on from 2002’s Worship and Tribute this month, the greatly anticipated follow-up record, Material Control, drops to the delight …

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Artist To Watch: Tone Benjaminz

Tone Benjaminz is a multi-talented emcee, producer, songwriter, and turntablist based out of Hartford, Connecticut.   Also known by various aliases: Stout, DJ Stoutamire, Ill Shorty, Ill Stout,Chairman Plow and Winchesta Heat Tone Benjaminz is noted for his gritty, multi-syllabic, aggressive lyrics, and hard hitting beats. Check out Tone Benjaminz …

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