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EP Review: DFB – Perspective

After starting out as a solo instrumental project by founding member Dylan Furr, metal act DFB have impressively evolved their sound over the years and their latest EP Perspective is a perfect example of how the group continues to grow. While DFB’s sound remains rooted in progressive metal, this project …

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Interview: White Noise Radio

With the release of their EP Cosmos, Bristol band White Noise Radio continue to make waves in the metal community. With a distinct blend of alternative metal and prog rock, White Noise Radio have developed an innovative sound that will create a unique listening experience for all those that give it a chance. …

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Album Review: Inertia – The Process

Inertia are a Southern California metal band who recently made a noteworthy statement with their debut LP The Process. For a debut album, The Process features a diverse combination of influences ranging from prog rock to metalcore and Inertia make it clear that they hold big intentions as a rising group. While …

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Album Review: Starchitect – Shift

Ukrainian metal act Starchitect have began making a name for themselves in the recent prog metal scene and their latest release, Shift, is a good indicator as to why. On the surface, Starchitect might come across as a run of the mill progressive rock group whose sound mainly consists of …

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EP Review: Excellion – Unsean

With a unique blend of prog metal and metalcore, Mexican quartet Excellion have come through with an interesting blend of heavy and technical material in their latest EP Unsean. With this project, Excellion has given themselves a platform to put together their genre-mixing style which should catch the ears of …

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Album Review: Zierler – ESC (Out October 16)

At the pinnacle of musical proficiency, multi-faceted songwriter/keyboardist Finn Zierler makes a triumphant return. His latest project, simply titled Zierler, brings to life the aurally explosive orchestral backdrop by way of vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter, guitarist Per Nilsson, bassist Truls Hagan and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. All members, brought together from …

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