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Knut I. Merødningen Announces Two New Albums ‘Beginnings’ & “Vibrations of Existence”

The Norwegian cinematic composer’s latest collection combines artificial intelligence and human musicianship to astounding effect. A prolific composer, Knut Ingmar Merødningen has spent the past few years building an exceptionally innovative discography. In 2022 alone, he has released two full length albums, totaling sixty-seven songs, each one with a unique life of …

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Interview: From Indie Rocker to Score Composer – Craig Wedren Bridges the Gap Between Two Career Roles

Craig Wedren has built an extensive profile across music, TV and film. As a composer, some of his best-known credits include the State, Anchorman, School of Rock, The Whitest Kids U Know, and Wet Hot American Summer. This skillset wouldn’t be catalyzed, however, without a foundation comprising substantial musical perspective. …

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Interview with Andrew Shapiro – “The only way to impress other people is to impress yourself first.”

New York City’s Andrew Shapiro is a unique musical breed: classically trained with a knack for self-taught spontaneity. Large-scale publications, namely the New Yorker and ABC News, were quick to catch onto his artistic sensibilities. To date, the Brooklyn-based singer/composer has released six full-length albums and three EPs. As a …

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