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Album Review: Dishwalla – Juniper Road

In preparation for my seeing Dishwalla perform at the Paramount later this month, I’ve decided to give their latest album, Juniper Road, a well-deserved go. For reference, their previous eponymously-titled album fared decently, nearly breaking the top 10 on the US Indie charts. This is representative of a steady trend, …

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Album Review: Sweet Spirit. Cokomo

  On a whole Cokomo, (Out 10/16), by Sweet Spirit, a nine piece band out of Austin, is like scattered puzzle pieces. Each track on the LP plays a different part on the album. On their own they dabble into the folk, alternative, and retro (both 80s, 90s, and 60s) …

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Jaeger Wells Interview

  1.What inspired you to become a musician? Jaeger:Ever since I can remember I have been a music fan. It was something that always felt like it was an extension of my soul – so for me it was an easy decision to become a musician. I was hearing all …

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