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Being Dead Drop Evocative Single

Eclectic psychedelia finds itself skewed with raw eroticism, surreal visuals that draw inspiration from divine sources, and an ominous sonic undertow that is impossible to escape in the new single and music video for Being Dead’s “Apostles’ Prom.” “Apostles’ Prom” isn’t your typical alternative rock fodder, but rather a wickedly …

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Patrick Doval – Broken

URL: http://www.patrickdoval.com/ It’s a brave new world for independent releases. The Internet age has usurped bygone gatekeepers of the industry, record company behemoths more concerned with artifice than art, and ushered in a democratization of music equivalent to the invention of the printing press. It really has been a paradigm …

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David Anderson Releases LP

A rollicking acoustic guitar comes sailing through rigid, mountainous drums crashing all around it. In a heated pursuit of some fleeting melody led by singer/songwriter David Anderson’s soft crooning, “Big Star” gallops toward the sunset without a care in the world, leaving the stress of everyday life in the rearview …

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Protovulcan Releases New EP

In a wallop of drums, screeching guitar and twice-cooked vocals that seep through the speakers like molasses, “Pine for You” emerges from the stereo with a threatening malice in its tone, hesitantly inviting us ever closer to the molten hot energy radiating from Life is Twigs/Psychic Pinball, the new extended play …

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