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Wooden Hez

Wooden Hez – Spew UIRL: http://www.woodenhez.com/ This is an album of considerable daring in our day and age. Long after rock and roll has reached a cultural sell-by date, true believers like Wooden Hez are actively writing and playing with ideas of extending a form currently carrying all the cachet …

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The Electro Lights

The Electro Lights FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheElectroLights With rock music involving into something in order to survive in an industry that seems to not have a place for it, it wouldn´t be a surprise if any kid of this new generation isn´t aware that the genre finds its roots in the Blues. …

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Mitchell Coleman Jr.

Mitchell Coleman Jr. WEBSITE: http://mitchellcolemanjr.com/ It’s all about the protection of funk in Mitchell Coleman’s solo CD ‘Soul Searching.’ I’ve had a lot of astounding, miraculous Jazz, Soul, and Funk albums come through the door but ‘Soul Searching’ takes the cake and eats it at the same time. Mitchell Coleman …

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Anne Lindsay – Soloworks

Anne Lindsay – Soloworks URL: http://www.anne-lindsay.com/soloworks.html If you need a break from all of the styles, genres and other trappings of the current musical climate, Anne Lindsay’s Soloworks will be a breath of fresh air amongst the stagnant scenes. This auteur of the violin and fiddle is a sorceress of …

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Kathy Muir

Multi-Talented Composer / Vocalist Kathy Muir just gave birth to a fantastic musical journey which takes you through an exhilarating 12 Track musical experience known as “Book Cover Judge.” In my own words the music of Kathy Muir is mostly avant-garde earthy Pop, but is also equal parts fascinating, engaging, …

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