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Reverist – Dreaming Onward

Reverist – Dreaming Onward URL: http://www.reveristmusic.com/ Florida based four piece Reverist is a reminder how the tides of public taste rarely constitute a valid aesthetic judgment. The band’s material is certainly much more reminiscent of alternative bands from the 1995-2000 period, perhaps a bit noisier, than pop rock outfits of …

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Jeri Silverman – Leaflike

Jeri Silverman – Leaflike FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jerisilvermanmusic/ South African born singer/songwriter Jeri Silverman opted to keep things simple for her EP Leaflike, but the heavy lifting to make it happen fell to her. Silverman’s work ethic and clear-eyed artistic vision compelled her to handle the arranging and writing in its entirety …

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Album Review: Max Raptor

Brit-rockers Max Raptor finally make their return with their self-titled follow up to 2013’s A Mother’s Ruin. After 3 albums most bands have realised who they are and where they want to be – something Max Raptor already had down by their second album. Their sound is gritty, noisy and …

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