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The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review

The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheRetakes Minneapolis natives The Retakes have released a new 4-track EP entitled Trash. The alternative punk rock band is comprised of members: vocalist Miles Halverson, Guitarist Casey Norman, vocalist and bassist Donnie Kirksey, and drummer Evan Floyd. Utilizing podcasts, static, radio station segments …

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Anomie Belle – Flux

Anomie Belle – Flux Primary URL: http://www.anomiebelle.com/ The naysayers about popular music’s future never account for artists like this. They bandy declining sales figures around, the resulting dearth of new artist development and label support, and studies about an across the board decline in substantive quality, but they fail to …

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The Fylls – Interrupted

The Fylls – Interrupted URL: http://www.thefylls.com/ Bringing around their debut album for a spin, Interrupted, the band The Fylls out of New York City have taken their strong influences ranging from Wilco, The Pixies, Nirvana, Rain Machine, The New Pornographers, The Strokes, the Beatles, and even American Poet and Author …

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