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Colin Campbell

Obsessive music collector, comic book reader, concert goer, artist, film fan, nintendo loyal, advertising major.
Born and raised Marylander, High school in Bogota (Colombia), family in Colorado, college in Virginia. Desperately attempting to live in all four places at once.
Still on the search for the meaning of life.

New Foals Singles!

English band Foals have been around since 2005, and their new album What Went Down is set to be released August 28th, and is as relevant as imaginable. The group continues to grow and evolve with an innovative style of all their own, fresh even in their fourth studio album. It …

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Tame Impala – Currents

Today, the most gorgeous album of the years has been released. Australian alternative-electro band Tame Impala’s third studio album Currents is the absolute best alternative release of the year. Front man and founder Kevin Parker has created a beautifully emotional masterpiece. The minimalist electronic sound is a relatively new for Tame …

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Tame Impala – Two New Singles

Hard to believe that Tame Impala‘s last album release was four years ago because Lonerism still plays often in my library. The Australian neo-psychedelic group have been working on their Junior album since 2014, and just released the first booming single “Let It Happen” for free download, March 11th. Listen to …

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