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Stephen Vicino

Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.

Singer/Rapper/Songwriter, Supreece

Singer/Rapper/Songwriter, Supreece writes songs from several genres of music, and is on the rise as an Independent Artist. Her creative “Daydream” Video captivates, arouses, and encourages you to dream! Please enjoy “Daydream”, and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Thank you. Other Titles by Supreece include: “Trendsetter”, “I Got It”, “Light It Up” …

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Sebastian Azul

Pain is real but so is hope. Our aim is to spread awareness and support to those living with mental illness and neurological disorders because we believe one small crack doesn’t mean you are broken, it only means that you were put to the test and didn’t fall apart. Founder …

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