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California-based music journalist.

Album Review: Tehnoloogiline Päike- Technological Sun

Estonian synth-pop outfit Tehnoloogiline Päike have released Technological Sun, their third full length LP. It’s a dreamy, stumbling, seven track journey through the mind of Tehnoloogiline Päike frontman Evar Anvelt, complete with tinny synth hooks and expansive, all-encompassing reverb. The origins of Technological Sun are fairly literal and to-the-point: Technological …

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Album Review: Bad Reed- Bad Reed EP

Canadian rock-pop outfit Bad Reed have released the Bad Reed EP, a modest three-track collection of music. Bad Reed consists of Costa Chatzis on percussion, Austin Sharpe on bass, Sydney Sollazzo on vocals and keyboards, and Graham Walker on guitars. The Bad Reed EP screams pop-infused angst. On “Slackjaw Romance”, …

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An Interview with Hudson

Los Angeles-based four piece rock n’ roll band HUDSON are set to release their brand new tour-de-force of an EP “Cast Out” on October 21st, and I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to HUDSON about the band’s message behind their music, their musical inspirations and what really drives their …

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An Interview with Adam Zwig

Adam Zwig is a powerhouse of a singer-songwriter. With six studio albums to his name, he’s a reigning champion in the Adult Contemporary scene, and a connoisseur of the fine art of creating a melting pot of folk and classic rock with his music. His brand-new album, Live at the …

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Thundermother- Road Fever (Album Review)

Thundermother, a European all-girls rock band, consists of guitarists Filippa Nässil and Giorgia Carteri, drummer Tilda Stenqvist, bassist Linda Ström and frontwoman Clare Cunningham. The group’s sophomore album Road Fever (to be released September 4th) takes the phrase “girl power” to all new heights. The LP is rough around the …

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Lauren Mayberry- Indie-Pop Aficionado and Feminist Powerhouse

The alternative group Chvrches, a Scottish electronic band formed in 2011, has been dominating the airwaves for a significant amount of time now with their unique, refreshing synth-pop sound. And the band, consisting of Iain Cook (synthesizers, bass, guitar, vocals), Martin Doherty (synthesizers, samplers, vocals) and Lauren Mayberry, (lead vocals, …

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Malkasian- Album Review

Today is a good day for fans of blues-infused alternative rock, as the brand new self-titled album from artist Malkasian is available for your listening pleasure through Bandcamp. Judging from its clean and professional sound, it’s hard for one to believe that Malkasian was recorded in the no-frills atmosphere that …

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