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Interview With Count Pariah

Count Pariah “Paranoia” (90s rock) https://youtu.be/mpQND_Fd56M   Rock fans are some of the best; once they’re hooked, they’re ride-or-die loyal. But this audience’s energy and allegiance are only part of the reason Count Pariah embarked on their rock and roll journey. Lead singer James “Shibby” Croft, guitarist Jason Breland, bassist Dustin Barousse, …

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Acclaimed Helsinki Film/TV Composer And Classical Thereminist Kepa Lehtinen Releases New Single “It Gets Dark” July 27th 2022

Dark Nocturne for Piano, Theremin, and Double Bass Noted Helsinki-based film and television composer Kepa Lehtinen is pleased to announce the release of his new single “It Gets Dark” on July 27th, 2022. The piece is a stark, minimalist instrumental featuring only piano, double bass, and theremin that blends classical …

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Interview With Cognate Souls

So great to chat with you – we are excited to learn more! Can you walk us through the formation of Cognate Souls.  Cognate Souls actually started many years ago. The idea was the creation of a group that represented different personalities, backgrounds and styles that somehow came together to …

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