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Introducing: Josh Remi

Blending elements of pop, R&B, dance, and urban music into a signature style, Josh Remi is undoubtedly getting noticed in all the suitable quarters. His debut album, The Interval, is inspired by real-life experiences and, as such, offers relatable narratives and easy-to-appreciate messages. Look a little deeper below the evident …

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Interview: Najjah Calibur

Najjah Calibur – “Celebrate” (pop) https://youtu.be/Ndu3zL8jKUU In sales, you don’t have long to build rapport with people or lure them into what you have to say. Charisma engages audiences quickly and authentically, making it impossible for them to walk away without buying what you’re selling. Najjah Calibur once excelled in sales, fully embodying those instinctive …

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Interview: Mychael Gabriel

Mychael Gabriel “Let There Be Light” (pop-rock) https://youtu.be/oqvZ1qcoaMc   Genesis is more than just the start of something. It’s the beginning of everything. After Genesis, anything is possible; before Genesis… well, there is no before Genesis. And how does the tale of Genesis commence? With a single utterance, a speech-act …

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Interview: The Sound of Monday

The Sound Of Monday “The Keeper Of The Mood” (rock) https://youtu.be/oaPau5CRtdc   It was 45 years ago when the smart, funny, and talented Dave Jay Gerstein — now making music under the pseudonym The Sound of Monday — wrote his first song. He was always immersed in the performing arts through singing in the …

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