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Afrobeats & Diverted Reggae Genius Mr. PRO Shares Inspirational, Motivational And Affirmation Song ‘EURO MILLIONAIRE’

The Afrobeats and Diverted Reggae maestro Mr PRO (Chukwuma) resurfaces on an inspirational, Motivational, and Affirmative note with the release of his new single, ‘EURO MILLIONAIRE ’. This motivational song draws from the thoughts and wisdom of the ancient. It has been written and it has been said that we become …

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Robert Wagner And Little Wretches Hand Out “Halloween” Video Treat

The chart-topping folk-rock band has released their latest lyric video. It’s the follow-up video to their “Who Is America” clip. Imagine a kid who gets mad at his mother because she won’t let him go trick-or-treating. She says it’s the Devil’s holiday, and he’ll lose his soul.”— Robert Wagner, Little …

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Album Review: Parker Longbough “Off Front Street” 

Parker Longbough’s Off Front Street is the singer/musician/songwriter’s third release this year. Each occupies distinct musical territory; the first Crackle/Hiss explored electronica while Longbough shrouds its successor 246 Tapes Volume 1 in home technology and a pronounced DIY feel. Off Front Street steers his songwriting in yet another direction  The eight songs included on this album have a …

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