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Album Review: Mark Huff “Stars For Eyes”

Mark Huff – “Stars for Eyes” SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/mark-huff-678341851/sets/stars-for-eyes A thunderous storm of the guitar strumming is accompanied by the grinding sound of a synthesized harmony, and we’re transported to the internal cellblock where singer/songwriter Mark Huff is crooning his story, describing life from behind his “Prison Door” in the opening …

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Exclusive Interview With Tia McGraff On John Lennon, Nashville And Stir Fry

  Hailing from just south of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Tia McGraff is an internationally-renowned, award-winning americana/singer-songwriter and children’s author. Accompanying Tia on her musical journey is her life/musical partner, Tommy Parham. Described as a “Modern Day Johnny and June,” the two met and married while both were living in Nashville, …

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EP REVIEW: Brown Kid “Rusty Strings”

Brown Kid – Rusty Strings SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/brown_kid_music/sets/rusty-strings Brown Kid’s third studio release and first EP Rusty Strings lays the foundation for the next lap of this talented Peruvian singer/songwriter’s artistic development. The six song collection arrives with a smattering of press describing the “island” qualities of Brown Kid’s music, but his musical …

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REVIEW: “Losing Me” by Lauria

“Losing Me” by Lauria URL: https://www.lauria-music.com/ “Losing Me” is the debut single from Montreal’s Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé. Her words, her voice, her essence permeate and captivate your imagination. This impressive song is just the more heightened by Lauria’s intriguing delivery and smooth aura. The current student at Concordia University …

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Elvira Kalnik Drops New Single

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElviraKalnik Elvira Kalnik has been on a hot streak this year. On the heels of her critically acclaimed debut album Peach Pink, she’s gained an almost cult like following of fans spanning the United States and extending to her native Europe, all of whom are captivated by incredible talents …

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Review: Balloon Ride Fantasy – BRF

Balloon Ride Fantasy – BRF (EP) TWITTER: https://twitter.com/brfband?lang=en Like the harmonizing of a thousand angelic voices uniting together to create one single spellbinding force to be reckoned with, “Welcoming Party” invites us directly into the insular, unforgivingly atmospheric universe of space age tones and ethereal cries of war and peace …

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