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Alice Colson

A music lover of many genres, I was raised on classic rock gods and goddesses. My main tastes tend to gravitate toward the heavy metal and punk genres and sub-genres as a result of my upbringing, with the occasional wandering into the EDM scene. I am also a lover of cats, monster flicks, anthropology, electronics, coffee, and adventure role-playing games.

Josie McQueen – Grody Noise EP

Score: 9/10 URL: https://www.facebook.com/josiemcqueenband Alternative rock and pop punk fans, heads up! Newcomer Josie McQueen has arrived with their exciting and angst-ridden EP Grody Noise, available now from Dead Industry Records. Josie McQueen is an alternative rock band out of Pittsburg, PA made up of vocalist Aaron Duda and guitarist Jesse Weygandt. Grody Noise was …

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DIVIDES – Brokentooth

URL: http://www.dividesmusic.com/ Score: 10/10 Fans of PVRIS and Tonight Alive are going to want to get their hands on the debut album from DIVIDES. Brokentooth is set to release on August 11th, and DIVIDES has already secured a new fan in me. DIVIDES is a passionate and dedicated group of …

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Murder F.M. – Happily Never After

  Score: 9/10 URL: http://www.murderfmmusic.com/ Like many fellow metal listeners, I occasionally find myself in need of some music to reflect and release the frustration inside. Murder F.M. fills that role spectacularly with their upcoming 11-track LP, Happily Never After, set to release on August 7th via Famous Records Global/Pavement Entertainment, …

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