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New Single – HEALING STRINGS – Omer B, Instrumental healing music (Feat Clara Sophia & Yossi Fine)

Omer B is an independent musician, guitarist & and amateur race driver!
Omer’s music varies between Rock\Pop\Blues\Gospel\Funk & Jazz.

After a few months of sitting on my laptop, “Healing Strings” is finally ready 🙂
I’m releasing it with good vibes and hopefully some healing energy 😉
It is no longer mine. Enjoy it!

“Healing Strings” started as a simple piece of electronic music, but Clara’s magic healing voice gave it a new life, Along with my guitar line, it became “Healing Strings”
Instead of using AI, Synth, and other electronic aspects, it became a player piece of music.
The Fretless bass played by one of the most musical persons on earth, Dr. Yossi Fine, what a blast! Yossi played and produced on thousands of recorders, such as Gil Evans Orchestra, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Shabak Samech & Dag Nahash.
Polina added a full passion Cello take & Glenn, who contributed to many of my instrumentals, joined with precise & powerful drums,

Omer B

The Amazing Musicians are:
Vocal: Clara Sophia
Bass: Yossi Fine
Drums: Glenn Welman
Cello: Polina Faustova
Guitar: Omer B

Produced & Mix by Omer B
Mastered by Camilo Silva at Camilo Silva F. Mastering

Don’t forget to follow and listen to Omer B music on Spotify:
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/healing-strings-feat-yossi-fine-single/1693144078pol
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@omerbmusic
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/OmerBMusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/omerbmusic
Web: https://www.omerb.net/my-songs


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