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Revolutionary Riffs and Raw Honesty: Inside the Mind of Split Image – The Thrash Titans of Tomorrow

Hailing from the Inland Empire of California, named after Crossover Thrash legends Excel’s debut album, Split Image was founded during the fall of 2019. The band is comprised of best friends Josh Escobar (lead vocals), the Sia brothers Joey (guitar), and Chris (drums). The trio focuses on delivering a gritty yet powerful crossover experience as they combine this with a unique sound that boasts familiarity through thrashy riffs, progressive elements, electro melodies, and a solid nod to old-school hardcore.

Belted with passion, Split Image’s lyrical content ranges from their personal experiences and to relatable topics dealing with mental health, societal problems, and bizarre themes such as spiritual and paranormal phenomena. The band often combines all these themes into one truth bomb with their belief that all things are intertwined.

Split Image has released several aggressively hard-hitting singles such as PREY ON MY DOWNFALL, DEMON HUNTER, and an EP entitled TORRENT OF ILLUSION. Split Image then embarked on their first two-week American West Coast tour in 2022 to push and promote their debut album TORRENT OF ILLUSION. The band’s goal for 2023 is to drop a string of singles throughout the year and to further expand their reach by playing shows in California and along the West Coast.

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Lead vocalist, Josh Escobar took time to answer a few questions for us…

Your band, Split Image, dates back to 2019. What inspired the guys to form your own band?

We decided to form Split Image in 2019. We chose to do it because the previous band broke up and as a fresh start Split Image was birthed from this. Our sound is also evolved from the previous band.

Tell us about the band’s touring and live performance schedule.

In 2022 we did our first tour to promote our release Torrent of Illusion. It was a two week West Coast tour with our friends Psycho Mantis. Right now our shows are scheduled for our first show back in mid June at the Void. We are not touring this year but we are doing weekend warriors at the end of the year, one up to northern California and back with our friends Contact from Washington with our friends Slingshot. And a second up to Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

How do get your music heard in this digital age?

We share it on our social media platforms. There’s advertising that is done as well as publicists for our music video release and our lyric video releases. We also ask our friends for sharing our music.

Tell us about your latest single, “Demon Hunter.” What can fans expect?

They can expect some crunchy riffs and heavy breakdowns that make them want to throw their heads through a wall. The song is about facing ones demons in the spiritual esoteric sense as well as the religious sense. We hope you dig it!!

How do you stay current and relevant in the fast-paced world of music, and what strategies do you use to keep your fans engaged and interested?

In these times music has changed as well as the way music’s been promoted. In the past LP’s and album’s were the focus, in these modern times we use a different releasing schedule. We focus on releasing singles. Several singles a year is a better way to keep fans enjoying consistent music as well as updates on the bands social media.

Tell us what all the guys like to do, outside of music.

We all like to play video games, go to shows and hang with our friends as well as meet people and visit shows and other places we haven’t been too.

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