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Album Review: The Sugar Hollows “The Sugar Hollows”

As soon as the opening number “Highway Daydream” kicks off, you realize that they fall into that small and elite group of bands that makes music that doesn’t go out of fashion. And it stays in style because it was never in manner. Now, wait! Before you send me decease and desist letters, I say that only because they are much bigger than any fleeting fad or passing fashion.

Taking a blend of pop-aware rock and Americana, combining melody and muscle and no small amount of intelligent song-writing chops, their eponymous debut already sounds like the work of a seminal band right from the off. And that is a hard thing to do.

But because they can learn from the past while looking to the future and are experts in threading different sounds and styles through their core sound, they rise above the here and now.

“Time Will Tell” full of soulful licks and heavenly harmonies, “Sweet Virginia Girl” plays the cool country card, “Shenandoah” is spacious and slightly brooding, and “Follow The River” is a slice of gorgeous Americana.

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