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Single Review: Dude Reppin Knowhere – “Moma”

2023 is shaping up to be a fun year for pop fans around the globe, and if it’s indie grooves that turn you on the most, Dude Reppin Knowhere’s Space Activated record is probably already on your shelf. Released last year to a boatload of applause from critics, Space Activated was a big moment for this artist, but perhaps not as significant as his new single “Moma,” which is currently out this April and generating even more interest in the man responsible for composing it.

DRK straddles a robust rhythm in this sizzling single while producing another vocal that could melt your speakers at the right volume, and even if you’ve somehow never heard his music before this track’s release, you’re likely to get what all of the buzz has been about after only a cursory listening session. “Moma” is pop-rap for grownups, but don’t get me wrong – its harmonies and defined beat are accessible to just about anybody who loves good music.

The chemistry was feeling very on for DRK in this studio recording, and the old school’s creative influence on the music is an unmistakable one. There’s a classic rap sensibility here that isn’t as obvious as it would be in a straight-up throwback, and although the groove is always the most fetching element for us to cling to, the lead vocal has as much of an anthemic draw as what one would hear in something that could have been recorded as many as 25 years ago.



DRK’s voice is the linchpin holding everything together in place like sonic superglue in this track, and even when the groove is giving him a run for his money in the chorus, the hook is undeniably his and his alone to wield like a razor-sharp samurai sword. The swing in the beat keeps us focused on the song’s flow from beginning to end, and while I like all of the music featured on Space Activated, this composition is the most fun of any in his present discography to dance to.

Though listeners truly have their pick when it comes to exciting new indie beats this spring, I don’t think you’re likely to find another pop song quite like “Moma” right now in the mainstream or the underground. While I don’t think this chapter of his life is going to be the only anthological hit-maker that this artist sees during his career, there’s something to be said about what it’s doing for his place in the hip-hop hierarchy at the moment just the same.

Dude Reppin Knowhere is going places, and if he continues to make music with as much moxie as he has in the last couple of years, I don’t believe it would be crazy to suggest that he’ll be segueing into the international spotlight a lot sooner than later. “Moma” is a good measurement of where he’s at, and I think it tells us a lot about where he’s going next both in the recording studio as well as with his overall artistic direction as a musician.


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