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Single Review: The Curse of KK Hammond “In the Dirty South”

KK Hammond, stylized as The Curse of KK Hammond, is an artist that toys with musical concepts, adding her own style to her music. It’s led to her creating her own genre, ‘Horror Blues,’ and that’s exactly the genre her latest song, “In The Dirty South,” falls into. Bizarre, catchy, plodding and mildly threatening, the single is an exciting listen, but how does it hold up under scrutiny? To find out, keep reading as we give our full thoughts in our full review of the new single.

Now, one of the things that really stood out about the single is how it manages to really drive home its theme and tone. Throughout its runtime, the song maintains this gritty, threatening tone, while still maintaining instrumentals that are remarkably smooth and pleasant. It’s a hallmark of her genre, ‘Horror Blues,’ and it works to great effect in this single. “In The Dirty South” does this not only through its music, but also through its menacing but fun lyrics.

The lyrics on “In The Dirty South” are, as we said, menacing but fun. While the overall overtone of the song is threatening, most of the lyrics themselves are border between bizarre and goofy, really adding a lot of personality to the song and imbuing it with tons character. When you pair all of these traits together, we have to say it makes for a surprisingly endearing little single. This sense of endearment continues into its musical side as well.

“In The Dirty South” keeps a plodding, almost treacherous tone to itself throughout its runtime that’s surprisingly effective in establishing its atmosphere. It’s hard to really stop listening to the song once it hooks you in, as you’re completely invested in its overall vibe. On top of that, the production of the song simply adds a lot to its overall menace. ‘Horror Blues’ is definitely a good way to describe it, especially between all of its fascinating traits.

Overall, “In The Dirty South” is a song that lives up to its concept and genre, another great performance from The Curse of KK Hammond. She’s quickly growing into one of the most exciting musical acts to watch, especially with her unique offerings that really help her work stand out from her peers. If you like Blues and want something fresh and new, then this single is exactly the thing you’re looking for.

–Jason Airy

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