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Harry Kappen Hits UK iTunes Pop Songs Chart With New Single “The Freedom Inside”

Dutch musician, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist Harry Kappen is known for making bold political statements and raising awareness on global issues through his music. While his previous music often calls for large-scale global change, his latest single “The Freedom Inside” is a gentle reminder for people to start a positive change from within themselves, which will ultimately impact the world. Released on March 1st, 2023, the new single reached the UK iTunes Pop Songs chart at #52. The single teases the full-length album that fans have been waiting for since Harry’s 2022 album release, “Escape.”  That album produced the 50K+ -streaming Spotify hit, “WarGames.”

“We all know we live in troubling times with war, climate change, indifference, etc.” Says Kappen. “There’s a lot of complaining everywhere (social media!) and declining trust in governments. If you want to change the world, stop nagging and whining at others and start to change yourself first and search for the freedom inside you to do so!”

Watch the animated lyric video for “The Freedom Inside” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJCQqBgbPuY.

ABOUT HARRY KAPPEN: In addition to being a notable musician, Harry Kappen is also a music therapist. He offers his services at a youth care center where music therapy is used to help young children cope with various problems and disorders. Harry also offers his expertise as a lecturer for an international master’s degree program in music therapy. Always playing with the magical power of music, Harry Kappen is a standout artist and musician who creates music from the soul, and for the soul.

More details about Harry Kappen and his latest single “The Freedom Inside” can be seen at www.harrykappen.com

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