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Amyr Abadawn introducing the next chapter

Amyr Abadawn is a Singapore-based music producer who has worked consistently hard to develop great music. This is his 2nd album, entitled The Next Chapter. It’s a perfect storm of great melody, energetic rhythm, and higher creation in music. This album consists of many types of genres and collaborations from the artist.

All music was recorded at Exuism Records, and vocals were recorded at Studio47. It took him almost 11 months to complete the album due to the artist’s schedule. All music is mixed and mastered at Studio47. Every artist has their own style of singing and genre.

Artists that are involved in the album are drummer Naman, guitarist Wønder Wøøds from the USA, Syarm Javer of E-thereal, Clarence Chong of Assault, guitarists Xiluman Satria of Exuberance, guitarist Danks Opensource, Surayah & Jufri of Kraton, Sabazios of Majusiah, Kathir of Rudra, Kael Danish of Aerial, Mus of Kersani, Fatin SerulingLady, Rossana Cavallotto from Sweden, Dracon from Italy, and Bo Skullbanger of Chugga Ritual.

Amyr Abadawn is also endorsed by Earbleed Guitar. He’s also an artist under Shredguy Records from the USA. He is also published by Hellthrone Productions. The best thing about this album is the arrangement of epic and unique music. There are 12 tracks of music in the album. It is a mixture of modern and old school combined. Check out this album. The combination of modern and classic sounds creates a mesmerizing effect that speaks to the hearts of all music lovers.




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