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Top Rock-Themed Slot Games

Music and gaming have long been companions; almost all games were released with a specifically made soundtrack – and sometimes the music becomes even more popular and released as a stand-alone album.

Often gamers will listen to the music of their own choice when playing games, too; music has a big impact on the gameplay – and over time, it, of course, makes sense that music and gaming became one.

There have been some huge releases where the player is part of a band or games that can teach you a musical instrument. Rocksmith, Brutal Legend, Elite Beat Agents, Dance Revolution, and Guitar Hero put you at the source of the action.

Slots took a slightly different approach, and for many, it is a preference. The games don’t just offer action, but the entire game is built around the idea of specific bands. The rock band slot selection available at majority of the top slot sites is incredible.

Huge rock and metal bands signed off on putting their music and face to the fast-paced popular slot games online (and even some land-based slot machines, too!).

But what are the best ones? 


This one might be super niche, but those who love Euro Metal will know that Helloween are German heavy metal titans. With a cool name like Helloween, they were ripe for a slots game.

Play’n GO created a spook slot game based on the band – it features some of the biggest hits like Twisted Sister, Saxon, Sabaton, Demon, and Testament. What makes this slot unusual is that you don’t see any of the members of the band on screen – but you see everything else about them.

The symbols are closer to the traditional Halloween than to Helloween – but it all works well.

Guns N’ Roses

A titan in the slot game industry and one of the most heavily played for years. It offers a play experience consistent with the Guns N’ Roses people knew and loved from the 80s. You’ll hear Sweet Child O Mine, November Rain, Chinese Democracy, Paradise City, and Welcome to the Jungle.

For fans of the band, you’ll be delighted to know that their faces are a feature, and you will also see the crowd cheering and enjoying the music as you play. Graphically it still holds up against newer slots, and of course, musically, the tracks are classics.

The Guns N’ Roses slot isn’t a soft and gentle way to play, though, so if you like your gaming fast-paced and loud, this is the one for you.


Lemmy Kilmister left quite a legacy as one of the greatest frontmen and singers of all time. And his band Motorhead had more than their fair share of hits, often including the trilogy of gambling, drinking, and having fun.

Of course, you’ll find one of the songs most commonly associated with good casino sessions, The Ace of Spades, as well as Overkill, Killed by Death, and Iron Fist. For Motorhead fans, it has everything you’re going to want.

What makes this slot stand out is that you can opt for Rock Mode, which means you can be serenaded by rock songs in the background – or you can switch it off and play on silent mode. But the slot has a cool signature feature where the lyrics are in the background, so you can listen, sing along and play at the same time.


If there was ever a band name that was out and out of heavy metal, it is Megadeth. Vic Rattlehead is one of the wilds, and of course, the game has a dark theme overall. In the background, you’ll see the spotlights making their way to the stage.

Drums, guitars, amplifiers, picks (which are autographed, a very cool detail), and the band members are the symbols in this slot.

You can place it as Dave Mustaine, who also appears as a Sticky Wild.

If you manage to get the Headcrusher bonus round, you should be hoping to pick female in-mates, not male ones. The females will give you gifts, while the males will take them away. You can use the mega nudge to nudge the reels to take you to victory.

You’ll be enjoying their biggest hits, including Head Crusher, Hangar 18, and Symphony of Destruction.


One of the biggest rock groups in the world is KISS, so a KISS slot just makes sense! You’ll find their eccentric costumes, music, and more with KISS Reels of Rock.

The location of the slot is the place where KISS is said to have one of the loudest concerts of all time. The original band lineup is all there and is, of course, the high-value symbols. Some of the special features are the randomly triggered Lock and Load, the Drive Me Wild (triggered at any time), and Free Spins.

You’ll enjoy Love Gun, Calling Dr. Love, I Was Made for Loving You, Shout It Out Loud, Rock and Roll All Nite, and Detroit Rock City.

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