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Single Review: Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild – “Poolside”

Pop collaborators Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild are having quite the winter indeed. It’s the end of the year and 2023 is just around the corner, and this duo is dropping a summery track in the style of “Poolside,” which is burning up the underground like few other pop singles are this month – for good reason, mind you. “Poolside” capitalizes on the success of Crowe and Fairchild’s chemistry by introducing us to another layer of their artistry just when we start to think we know what we’re in for, coming in the form of a sweet pop hook that they straddle with relative ease from start to finish. At a rather moderate total length, this probably won’t be the longest single you listen to this December, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be one of the more memorable.

The bassline here is the most defined instrumental element in the track, and I think that had it not been mixed with as much physicality as it was, the natural grandeur of the lead vocals might not be as prominent in the grander scheme of things as it ultimately is in this particular instance.



By keeping the low-end tonality as fresh and relevant to the hook as any part of the percussive groove is, Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild can create a backdrop suited to both club-goers and casual listeners alike, both of whom have been craving some exciting rhythm to kick off the impending New Year.

If you love groove-powered pop music packing as much heat as a Cali summer sun, Jasmine Crowe and Jonathan Fairchild’s “Poolside” is a song that you really should be listening to this December. Crowe and Fairchild have been slowly but surely coming into their own with all of the attention they’re getting, taking their time to develop their songcraft without too many external influences to come between their organic artistry and the desires of the general public, and in my view, they’re taking their game to the next level here. 2023 is shaping up to be a very lucrative year for this brand of pop, and if they can maintain the present momentum they’ve got, it wouldn’t surprise me if they made a crossover to the mainstream charts before the start of next spring. To me, this is a pair that is just too good to remain in the shadows for very long.


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