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Single Review: Greye – “Bang Bang”

Holding the torch and carrying on into the modern music landscape with a focus on maintaining the legacy of rock music can be extremely tough, especially in 2023 when rock music has long since gone the way of the dinosaur — modern rock acts in the mainstream don’t really exist anymore, and if they do they’ve continued to exist at the sacrifice of their core sound. Maroon 5 and Coldplay have long since lost their way, and some groups have forged comebacks out of reuniting with the genre, such as Blink-182 and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Still, there are very few modern groups actually delivering on what it means to be a rock band. Luckily, the indie scene has been committed to keeping things running, as it generally does, and some indie groups have been making rock music proud. Greye, based out of Daytona Beach, Florida, is one such group and their latest single “Bang Bang” is sure to scratch every rock-based itch you could ever possibly have (assuming the itch isn’t mainstream radio-friendly pop drivel.)

“Bang Bang” is a song that packs a stadium-sized punch, its explosive production, and incendiary instrumental harkening back to the golden days of rock music that boldly kicked down doors as they arrived on the scene. It’s clear that Greye is a band that is dedicated to reigniting the classic rock sound that was seemingly everywhere in the mid-‘00s, and the lack of rock diversity (and the lack of rock music in general) in 2023 is something that the band seems set on bringing to an end.

Lead singer Hannah Summer’s vocals are top-notch, giving audiences a powerful new female vocalist to place among classic and contemporary rock vocalists like Hayley Williams and Pat Benatar, and it’s undeniable that her involvement makes the single that much more memorable. There’s an undeniable craft involved with the single that gives the track a real can-do, no-holds-barred approach — Summer adds onto this with her spitfire delivery and overall musical presence.



Greye is committed to delivering a track that feels like a send-up to the music they grew up on, and the overall appeal of “Bang Bang” comes from the blend of hard rock and country music interwoven together. The group even labels themselves as “southern rock 2.0” on their website,  and the reinvention of a landmark genre makes perfect sense for Greye as they’ve prioritized crafting a wholly new sound and aesthetic for themselves using the major players of rock music past.

“Bang Bang” is a track that establishes Greye as a major player in the indie rock scene, and the pull of Summer’s rock legend pipes mixed with a sound that the genre has been lacking for years will be more than enough to give listeners something to chew on. It’s obvious that they’re a band tired of playing by anyone else’s rules, and by releasing “Bang Bang,” Greye is reinventing the rulebook when it comes to the modern rock music scene.


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